Emma (1996) Movie Gowns
Where it is about the gowns and not the Gals!

I just love the movie adaptations of Jane Austen's work.
Here is my tribute to the beautiful and sometimes realistic gowns and accessories of one those adaptations.
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Floppy hat.

Here is the back.

Light blue day dress.

Here is the back.

You can see that

the skirt is plain.

You can almost

see the sleeve

Another floppy

hat. Here is

an alternate view.

Dance dress. Here is

the back and the embellishment.

I don't see any trim

on the skirt.

Blue cotton day

dress with

button closure.

Evening dress. See

the sleeve and the back? I think it is

the same dress

under the dark


Here is another

try at the blue

velvet dress.

Here is the back

closure Did you

see the plain

skirt?  Another try

at the bodice.

Red hooded cape.

I think this muslin is the

same as the harvest

dance dress. Back closure. Sleeves.

Shoes. And another

long view.

Long view of the


Lunardi or balloon

hat. Here is

the back and


Brown pelisse.

Another look.

Here is the back.

Sorry I can't get a

good long view of

the nightdress.

Print day dress.

Often worn with a

vest or chemise.

Here is the back ,

the sleeve

and one more look.

Is that a front

closing gown?

White Spenser. See the back and the sleeve.


This muslin is worn

several times. See the

shoes on the ground?

 Here is the sleeve

and the scarf/shawl.

Don't forget to look

at the shoes and

skirt detail.


The red triangle

shaped hat.


Little box.

Pelisse. Note the

pointy train.


Pretty hair scarf.

She often wears

her hair in a

similar style.


This publicity shot

shows off the white

gown the best. Here

is the back with

button closure. Can

you see the 3/4

sleeve? Look

at the top of the



I think she

wears this

vest over

a few things. Here

back the straw hat.


Here is the back the sleeve and it with a vest. But not vest to the left. This vest is different in back

than the

one to the left.  


Gloves and

more gloves.

How about

the petticoat?


Coach scarf.



Cape. Here is

the back.

Day dress with front closure. Here is a long view and the sleeve.

She wears it often.

Here she is with a ruff.

Her light gloves and

her dark gloves.

Evening dress with

almost checker print

(look good at the

sleeve). Here is the

back. Here is the embellishment.

Another white

evening dress with (floral?) motif.

Here is another

look and a long


I was surprised that

penniless Harriet

had three evening

dresses. This

(peachy?)one is

worn to the

harvest. Here

she is dancing.

Here is

the sleeve.

Day dress. Here

is the back buttons

and the sleeve.

Frank Churchill

  fantasy day dress.

Here is a long

view and the

bodice one more


Publicly shot of the fantasy wedding

dress. Here is the

sleeve (2nd fantasy

wedding) and the

back from the first.

You can see the hat

well here.

Summery hat.

Left side and

right side.


Muslin with long

sleeves. A publicly

shot. Another

look. Don't you

think the bodice

looks similar

to this one?

Spenser. You can

almost see the

back here.  


Dark bonnet.





Jane Fairfax


Dark day dress.

Here is the back.

Light blue Spenser. Double row of buttons and cap sleeves.

Here is the hat.

Polka dot dance dress. Here is a long view

and the button


Dark evening dress.

Puff sleeve. Sorry,

I can't get a good

look at the back.

Harvest muslin. Side

closure. Here is

another look.

Blue day dress. Also

with a side closure.

Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston


Gorgeous red embroidered dance dress. Button closure and decorated sleeve.

Here is a long view.

Leather (?) gloves.

Day dress when she break's Frank's news.

Here is the back.

Same color as the

wedding dress, but

different sleeves.

Day dress when

Frank has to get his "Hair cut". I can't

match the print up

any other.

Grecian evening dress.

(I think it was

borrowed from P&P

1996 Jane.)

Button closure and

some pretty detail.

Here is a long view.

Pelisse. Here is

another look.

The hat.

Pink gown. Here

is a look at the

sleeve. The button closure. One and

two long views.



Christmas dress. Here

is the bodice. The sleeves are here

and here. A long view.

Print dress with

vertical print. You

can almost see the back.

Wedding dress. Here

is a long view (see the

puffy sleeve?) and

the back.


Mrs. Elton


Green dance dress.

Here is a long view.

Look at all the lace

and the trim.

Evening gown.

She never gets up

in this one. Look

here and here.

Gather strawberries dress. Here is the back and the embellishment. One, two and three more looks.

Harvest gown.

Here is the back.

Meet Mrs. Elton dress.

Here is a better look at the hat.

Picnic dress (?) The

flower embellishment

is too goofy for

my taste. Here is

the hat and again.


Oh. Here is the hat

from when we

first see her.




Harvest gown. Here

is the side. One,

two and three tries

at a long view.

Christmas gown.

Hand knit wrap.

Meet Isabella dress.


Miss Bates and Mrs. Bates

Miss Bates green

dress. Here is the

back and a long

view. Her cap.



Dance dress. Here

is the back, long

view and her

gloves (?)

Tea dress with

longer sleeves than

the dance dress.


Strawberry gathering dress. Here are

the sleeves.

Mrs. Bates. Here is

the front and back

of her her cap.


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