Northanger Abbey (2008) Movie Gowns
Where it is about the gowns and not the Gals!

I just love the movie adaptations of Jane Austen's work.
Here is my tribute to the beautiful and sometimes realistic gowns and accessories of one those adaptations.

 This version was a little burry and "jumpy." I guess that what happens on made for TV.

I will have to try the images again later.

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Catherine Morland


Catherine's light blue

pelisse. Here is the

back. Try this scan

from my DVD.

What a fantasy


White muslin from opening scene. Close up of the

bodice. See the back?

 See it close in

back? I love how she

can run and run in it.

Blue sprigged muslin.

See the trim detail?

Yuck. You are

on your own

with this one.

Apron. Here is

the back.

Light colored

Spenser. See the

back and the hat?


Here is another look.

What is that tie on

her sleeve?

White dress from when

she sneaked into Mrs.

Tilney's room. Back and

again. The sleeve and

the pic from the DVD.


Okay, I am going

to make a case that

the dress from Mrs.

Tilney's room and the

one in the opening

scene are two

different white

muslin dresses.

Someone I know

 gave the opposite

opinion. Compare

the necklines

here and here.


Dance dress with front closure.

Here is the back.

This is all you see

of this dress.

I am sorry that

this is the best I

can do with the

opera dress.

Bonnet. She

also has a

travel hat.

Pink and white dance

dress. This is as much

as you see.


Print day dress.

With back closure.

The print is best

seen in the

Masterpiece Theater

webpage pic.  

Stripe travel

dress with back laces. Here

is another


She wears some

sort of red hooded

cape and pink

pelisse when she

arrives home.


This blue Spenser

is my favorite in

this version. Here

is the back.

She also wears

it riding.

Great hat.  


Young Catherine.

How do her stockings

stay up?

I don't think we

see this one again.


Pretty hair ribbon.


Green day dress.  

Mr. Tilney is here

dress. Again. Here is

the back.  

Brown Spenser.

Here is the back.

White dress from her

first day at Northanger.

You can see the

sleeve here.


Mrs. Allen

Black ensemble.

Green coat.

There is also a

blue one I think

we only see once.

The muslin with front

close. See the

sleeve here and the

back here

Red dress. It may

be the same as

Mary's in Persuasion.

Opera dress.

Sorry this is the best I can do.

Odd green hat.

We do not see

the gown.


Miss Elanor Tilney

Yes, I checked the spelling of Elanor in my copy of the book.


Evening dress.

Check out the belt

and the sleeve.

Oh! And the lace

up back.


Dark Pelisse.

Walking dress.

Here is the back.

Opera dress. I wish

we could see more.

Floral dress. I'll

try this one

again later.

Here is one hat and here is another.


Aubergine (?) dress.

Here is another try.

Side Tie shoes!

Brown pelisse.

Here is the side view.

First evening back at Northanger dining gown.

Here is the back and

the closure.

Print day dress.

Wrap. Here

is the back.


Miss Isabella Thorpe

Candy striper dress.

Here is the back.

I will absolutely have to

try these shots again.

She's a bit blurry.

Large white hat.

The back and again.

Ball gown. Here is the bodice,

the back and the sleeve

Dance dress. You can

almost see the back.

And almost see the


Closing dress.

Embroidered hat.

Here is the back

and side.


White wrap with

side closure. One

more look.

Gold-ish Pelisse.

Here is the back.


Gold-ish day dress with

button sleeves and

lace closure.

Green Spenser from my DVD box. Here is

another look and

the sleeve.

Red satin Spenser

before she makes

a bad choice.






Mrs. Thorpe. Did

you see the



Anne Thorpe.


Maria Thorpe.


Mrs. Morland.





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