Persuasion (1995) Movie Gowns
Where it is about the gowns and not the Gals!

I just love the movie adaptations of Jane Austen's work.
Here is my tribute to the beautiful and sometimes realistic gowns and accessories of one those adaptations.
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Anne Elliot


Blue Spencer.

The back can be seen here

Pink Pelisse.

Green evening gown.

The detail in this dress is wonderful.

See the back, material and bodice.

Blue evening gown.

Here is another look.

Engagement dress.

 Full length here.

Blue day dress.

For sleeve detail click here.

The back is here. Close up of the bodice closure.

Green cloak. Closure is neat.

Anne's practical

 no frills hat.

I love this military style pelisse.

White day dress.

You can see her stay here.

Brown day dress. And a good view of Henrietta's white day dress.

Wrap. Here is the back.

The Evolution of Mrs. Clay

I love how her clothes change after she gets to Bath.

Pre Bath day dress.

Green with envy Spencer and hat.

Silly hat. 

Post Bath day dress. 

Low-cut evening dress to catch Sir Walter.

Here is a group shot

with a long view.

Green shoes to meet Mr. Elliot. 

Post Bath shoes.

Elizabeth Elliot

Pre Bath morning dress.

Blue hat and pelisse. Long view here.

Check out Louise Macdonald's millinery site. She made the hat! (Actually many of the hats from this version.)

Gorgeous red evening gown.

Better view from Costume Museum

in Bath here and here.

Post Bath day dress.

Another Post Bath day dress.

Yellow Spencer and hat. More detail here and here from the Costume Museum in Bath.

The hat makes her

look way too much

like this.

Ballet shoes.

Lady Russell

Green Bath ensemble.

Ah! I just found a publicity shot

that shows the whole gown.

Pre Bath morning dress.

Red ensemble.

The ruff on this dress is so in style for the time!

This is one of the few long shots of Lady Russell.



Henrietta and Louisa

I think of them as interchangeable!


Evening gowns. Long view here

Wonderful sleeve detail!

Check out the chemisettes!

I really appreciate that after a "long walk" the actresses don't look like they just came from the salon.

Red capes.

Shoe and hem detail.

Henrietta's shoes close


has laces.





Henrietta has a gold pelisse that is hard to see. When she jumps you can see the lining of the cape and her little bag.


Henrietta has a pink pelisse

that is hard to see.


Mary Musgrove


Morning gown with red print

red trim. Here is the back.

and one more look at it

while at Lyme.

The requisite lace cap for all married women.


Leather Shoe.

I love the upper sleeve detail on

Mary's red evening gown. Here is

a long shot, the side, the back and

rosette detail.

See her dance!

The contrast in the gowns

matches their

differing personalities.

Red Spencer.

Another view

here and here.

Short morning wrap. The dirt

 on the hems makes

this movie stand out.


Mrs. Sophie Croft


Pelisse and hat.

The couple I would most like to live next door to me.

Brown pelisse.

Turban again and the brown pelisse.

Red evening gown with Snow White sleeves.



Mrs. Musgrove

Lady Darymple


Mrs. Musgrove's green silk.

Here is a long view.



This page is copyrighted by Heather Smart.

Thank you to Lottie for the pictures from Costume Museum in Bath.

Check out Louise Macdonald Millinery. She made many of the hats in this version.


Oops! I forgot Miss Carteret! I will get to her later...  

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