Persuasion (2007) Movie Gowns
Where it is about the gowns and not the Gals!

I just love the movie adaptations of Jane Austen's work.
Here is my tribute to the beautiful and sometimes realistic gowns and accessories of one those adaptations.
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Please note that much of this movie is blurry or jump

Anne Elliot



Running Spenser.

Here is a long version. Check out Owen

Benson's photos for

a detail. See the

buttons? I think

this is Kitty's Spenser.


The final diary

entry dress.

I think you only

see it once.

Look at the


Brocade Spenser. The

back is simple. Later

she layers it and wears it

to the pump rooms.

Marriage Spenser.

The back and

the sleeve.

You can almost

see the shoes.

The underclothes close in back.

Green concert dress.

The back.


I think this day dress

may be the purple

dress in bad light.






Green day dress with

puff sleeves and a

button closure. I suspect it

has a drawstring neckline

like some of her others.


Green hat. check

out the trim.


Boots. Owen Benson's excellent photo shows us

the running

shoes well. Here

are the dinner



Green evening dress. Lovely cap sleeves

and sleeve detail.

Two tone skirt.

No back closure and

a little "tail."



Small cape. With

lovely back detail.

Here again.

Beautiful color


I am not certain what hangs from her necklace.

Long coat with drippy

sleeves. This coat

detail and this hat detail

are scanned from

my BBC catalog.

Some sort of plaid

pump room dress.

I don't see it again.

Blue day dress

with puff sleeve and back closure.

I think it is the same pattern as

this one.

Bath Spenser. I

love the cut of

the back. I think

this is the same


Mrs. Clay



I will hazard to guess that  she has

one formal dress.

Check out the

sleeve and the


Long coat. Here is

the back. Notice

the sleeve? I could

do without the



Pump room dress?

Day dress. You can

see the fabric detail

here and the back.


Elizabeth Elliot

Green evening dress.

See the detail in

the sleeve and back closure?

I think this is all

of this dress

that we see.

This seems to be Elizabeth's favorite dress. Lovely bodice detail and sheer sleeves.

Here is the back.


Stripes! Check out

the back. Isn't this

Miss Bingley's dress?

The BBC must

have spent a

minor fortune in white tights. Just about every character has them.

Hat. And another.

Lady Russell

White pump room



I think this is all

of this dress

that we see.



Blue day dress with front closure. See the back?

And the white gloves?

And the turban?

This is not an easy

dress to get a look

at.  I tried and tried

and tried again.

See the band detail

and closure?

Look at the back.

From the opening scene. Notice the curve at the bottom of the coat and see back? And another turban.



Henrietta and Louisa

I still think of them as interchangeable!


It is a shame you

don't see this coat

more. It has a point

at the back. And is possibly the same

fabric as this.


Henrietta day


Pink Spenser.


Walking Spenser. Here

is the back (it has

no points like the

other).  See

how she holds the

skirt out of the mud?

I think the dress

looks like this one.

This dance dress has a back

button closure.

I wish she'd stand

still for a better


Hat and one look

at a blue Spenser.



Lovely asymmetrical

detail on the hat.

Note the closure

on this day dress.

Print day dress with

back closure. Here

is another look

at the back.



Louisa dance dress.

She won't stand still

long enough to look

at the back.  I also

think I saw this in

A&E's P&P on...I don't know.  I would have to look again.

Blue day dress. With

sheer sleeves.



Mary Musgrove


Great sleeves and 

bottom embellishment.

Back button close

I think this is all

of this dress

that we see.



Green coat with flower embellishment. Is it

pinned closed? Take

a look at the back

and the seam.

Evening dress with

back buttons and detailed cap sleeve.

Yellow day dress with a front closure. See the fine diagonal

print and button sleeve?

Good sturdy boots.


Mrs. Sophie Croft


Dark blue

concert dress.

Brocade day dress.


Sophie's (green?) dinner

dress. I think it closes

in the back. Here is one

more try to look at it.


Bath coat. Here is

the back.

I am tired of hats. You are on your own.    

           Mrs. Musgrove          Mrs. Smith

Lady Darymple


Day dress.


Dinner dress.


She also has an interesting

coat when Anne runs away.


Like the 80's this hair is "wrong on so many levels". I don't care if it was in style or not.



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