Pride and Prejudice (1996) Movie Gowns
Where it is about the gowns and not the Gals!

I just love the movie adaptations of Jane Austen's work.

Hands down, this is my favorite adaptation.
Here is my tribute to the beautiful and sometimes realistic gowns and accessories of one those adaptations.
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This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of every time a costume was worn. I threw in as many as

I could since I took the screen shots. Why waste them?


White print day dress with gold band.

Here is the back, button closure,

a long view. Here is one look at the

sleeves and another. (I love the look of

the tie sleeves.) It has a plain skirt.

One more look at the bodice.


She wears it to gather flowers with Jane

after the Meryton dance. To talk to

Charlotte about Charlotte's engagement,

when the "pigs get into the garden,"

to walk around the woods at Rosings,

when Lydia receives the news about her invitation to Brighton, when Lizzie entreats

Mr. Bennet not to let Lydia go, when

Collins joins them after Lydia runs away,

when Aunt Phillips brings bad news,

when they walk with Mrs. Wickham,

when Bingley returns, and when the congratulatory letter from Collins arrives.


I call this one the Meryton dance dress.

It is a beautifully embroidered gown. See

the embellishment on the skirt? For

the Meryton dance she folds up the

sleeves and later puts them down. Here

is one, two and three looks at the

bodice. Button closure. One and two

more looks at the back.


Besides the Meryton Dance,

she wears it to dinner at Netherfield,

when the regiment leaves and

to the Christmas party.



Green and white evening dress. The green

under sleeve and the over sleeve detail.

The sheer over skirt is beautiful. Here is one

look at the back and another.  You

can see the chemise.


She wears it at the Party at Lucas Lodge,

the party at Aunt Phillips' (Wickham's tale),

dinner at Rosings.


I liked this one so much I tried to make one

for me. At the time, I couldn't find sheer

embroidered over material with

scalloped edging. I would suggest

you try pre made curtains for fabric if you

can't find any at the fabric store.



Humor me.

Let's call this the proposal dress.


And consider this a different dress.


See the scoop of the neck differs? The

sleeves are the same but one is lighter?

The proposal dress has a tie and the

lighter does not. Ah! I also just

noticed a slight difference in

the direction of the outermost pleat.


This linen colored dress is at both

of Darcy's proposals. Here is the back up

close and a long view. A long view of the

front.  The back button and tie.

Tie sleeves again!


She also wears it to talk to Charlotte,

when Lady Catherine visits Longborn,

and to walk with Colonel Fitzwilliam.

The not-the-proposal dress (in my humble opinion-see comparison pictures to the left).

 See the sleeves and the button back?

One look at the bodice and another.

Here is a long view. You can see

the hem here.


She wears it to read Aunt Gardner's

letter, see Lydia off on to Brighton,

take mother her tea in a time of crisis,

and to eat at the inn in Derbyshire.


Humor me and let's say there are two

different polka dot dresses. Let's call

this one the blue dot

or the Collins proposal dress.


And one with slightly darker

background and black trim.


Here is a look at the two together.



Mr. Collins proposal dress.

Blue dot day dress with dark blue and

light blue spots and tie sleeves (note

the two different color spots--

Here is an example of fabric my sister

found. Make it blue dotted and not

pink and you get the idea.)

The skirt trim is here and here.

Back button closure.


Besides Mr. Collins' proposal some of the

other times that wears it: to read Jane's

letter, write Jane a letter, gather

flowers with Jane and gossip ...


The day dress with black trim.

Here is the bodice, the back and

the sleeves. There is no trim

on the hem.


She walks to Netherfield in it.

Receives the news of Charlotte's



A brown-ish brocade Spencer.

Here is the back and again.

Thanks to Lottie for this and this picture

from the costume display in Bath.


She wears it to church when Mrs.

Bennet receives the news of

Bingley and when the

Gardners visit for Christmas.




Dark (green?) velvety Spenser. Here is the

back. Another look at the back. See the

frog closure? There appears to be a

trim or cord around the edges.

Here is the sleeve


She walks with Wickham at Longbourn

in it and when she walks with Wickham

in Meryton. She wears it to walk

to Netherfield and play with

the dog. She puts it on to

step outside with Lady Catherine

at Longbourn.



Light blue Spenser with interesting

sleeves. See the back and the detail

in the top stitching.


She wears it when we first see her,

when she climbs the rocks, and

when she meets Georgiana.



The letter Spenser. I think this is the

only time that she wears it. Here is

the sleeve, the back, the closure

with tie and collar.



"Turkey Red" dress. Here is the print

up close. You can see the lining here.

The skirt is plain. Lottie's picture

of the bodice from

the Bath display is the best.

The best picture of the back is

also from the Bath display.


She takes a turn in it with Miss Bingley.

She wears it when Mr. Bennet reads

Collins' first letter.

And she wears it Rosings


Muslin stripe. You can see the stripe

print well here. Here is the back and

the sleeves. Long view. You can see the cloth covered button well here. I love the hem.


Among the time that she wears it:

 in the opening scene, at Lambton

when Jane's letter arrives,

at Meryton when Uncle Gardner's

letter arrives, to climb rocks,

to tour Pemberly. She toys with it

while touring Pemberly.

Rusty colored Spenser. A small band

is on the sleeve. Here is the back and

again. Don't you think the closure and

basic construction look the same as

this one?


She wears it walking when Lydia brings

news of Bingley moving in. We see it

again when she walks with Charlotte

and in the woods at Rosings. She

tours Pemberly in it. And she wears

it at Darcy's second proposal.

Netherfield ball pelisse. Here is the back.

The side and the side again.

Lizzie's traveling pelisse. Button and

buckle closure. Here is the sleeve

and the back. Here is a long view.


Shirt style pajama. See the

gathers on the shoulder?

The cuff?


Sleeveless nightgown with lightweight

robe. You can see the lace and detail

on the shoulder here.



Straw bonnet. Here is the back.


Autumn colored touring hat. Super

ruffled. Here is the back and side.




Brownish hat. Here is the back

and side. She also wears it to

walk to Netherfield.


Brownish hat with straw brim. Here

is the back. It looks very much like

the one above but with a different brim.


Pleated hat. Here is the side.


Lace fichu. (Thank you, Carol. I could

not remember that word to save me!)

Here is the back.

Here is a longer one.

She seems to have one necklace. A

garnet cross in a gold setting.


Wedding dress. Here are one, two and

three looks at it. Here is back and again.

The hat and again. See the hat trim?


Check out the hat on the milliner's site.



Red reticule. Red petticoat and

brown boots. Light colored

ballet flats. Oops a chemise.

Lizzie carries a parasol to church

and when traveling. She has a long

beige scarf (here and here). A plaid

scarf. A bible. A shawl to keep warm.

She has a light blue apron.


Let me know if I missed anything.



Short sleeve blue dot. Here is the back.

We usually see the blue dot dress

with a vest. Take a good look at

the sleeves and the tail.


 She has it on when Lizzie returns with

the Gardners, when Mr. Gardner consoles

Mrs. Bennet, when the letter about

finding Lydia arrives and

when Bingley returns.



Light blue Spenser number one.

The back has a tail.


She wears it to rescue Lizzie from Collins,

and to wait for Caroline Bingley.

Print day dress. I can't tell if the

long sleeve is detachable.

Here is the back closure

and a long view.


She has it on in the "strong constitution"

scene. She gathers flowers with Lizzie in it.

It is back again when they are invited to

the ball. She dries flowers in it.

Casual cape. You can see the hood here.


She wears it to Grovener Square and

to walk to Meryton.


Pink formal cape. Here is the back.


Light (gray? blue?) evening gown.

It has decorated sleeves and back

button closure. There is a little buckle or something on the bodice.


Since we see so little of it here are one,

two and three more looks at the back.

(The back is what we mostly see.)


She wears it to the party at Lucas Lodge,

the party at the Phillips', and the party

when the regiment leaves.

Muslin number one with the floral motif.

It has a crossover bodice and a back

button closure. You can see the floral

print well on the sleeve here. I think

it is the chemise that lies

under the sleeve.


She has it on when we first see her. She

wears it to church (you can see the

floral pattern well in this one). When

Collins comes to console them. When

Lydia and Wickham leave.

When Mrs. Gardner eats with them.

To give her mother smelling salts and

when she becomes engaged.


Jane takes ill dress. Here is the sleeve.

I think this is the only time we see it.

Is this dress possibly Mrs. Hurst's or Miss Bingley's since Jane's clothes were soaked?

Gold Meryton dance dress. With a crossover bodice, decorated sleeve, back button

closure and trim on the skirt.


She wears it to the Meryton dance and to

the Christmas party.

Pink Netherfield ball gown. Another crossover bodice. Here is the sleeve and the back.

Here is a long view of the back. The

publicity shot. The skirt is plain. White

(leather?) gloves. Oops a chemise.


Pink day dress. If she is not wearing a

corset, I will be surprised. You can see

the trim on the skirt here. And the

trim on the bodice here.


She wears it when Lydia is off to Brighton,

when Mr. Gardner's express arrives,

when they walk with Lydia.


A dark pelisse. Here is the back

and the band on the sleeve.

The lace collar.


She wears it when Mr. Collins' letter is

read, when Mr. Collins arrives, to walk

to Meryton, when the Gardners arrive,

to visit Grovener Square. 

Riding Spenser. I think there is a tail.

The tail moves as they ride. I also guess

that it is a Spenser because the top

moves independently from

the bottom. The top and bottom are also different materials.

(The under looks like this dress).


One of the few rounded neck gowns

that Jane has. Here is a look at the

bodice, the buttons and the sleeve


She wears it to dinner with

Mr. Collins and when the

letter from Netherfield arrives.


(I compared the prints and shape

of the neckline. I decided there

were two round neck gowns

and not one.)


The other rounded neck gown. Here is

the sleeve. This is the one in many of the

publicity shots. Notice the greenish

band under the bodice?


She wears it when Charlotte's surprise

news arrives, to discuss Charlotte's choice

with Lizzie, and to gather flowers just when

Lydia gets her invitation to Brighton.


The other blue Spenser (almost a

stonewashed denim). Here is the

back. You can see the sleeves here.

Check out the buttons and detail

at the top of the sleeve.


She wears it to church,

and to walk with Lydia.

Muslin number two with a vertical stripe

print. It has a v-neck. Here is a long

view and another. Here is the back


She wears this one to discuss Lydia's

letter, and when she offers to take

tea to Mrs. Gardner. When Lydia

and Wickham arrive.

Wedding gown. Here are one, two and

three more looks. Here is the wedding

cape. Check out the buttons on the

sleeve. Here is another look at the hat.

The trim on the skirt is pretty.

Nightgown and robe. Here is the back of the

robe with her hair out of the way.

V-Neck nightgown with a wrap of some

sort over it. (See her bare arms?)

Hey, look! Slippers!

I think there are four necklaces.

The (coral?) one above. A cross. A pearl necklace with a pearl pendant. Then the

pearl necklace with a pink stone pendant.

A parasol. A basket. You can almost

see shoes here and here.


Summer hat. Here is another try.


Bonnet. Here is the side view.


Caroline Bingley

I did not realize how many earthy oranges and golds, greens and rusts that she wore until I grouped them all together.

Black velvety striped day dress. Here is a

long view, a side

view and a look that

the tie on the sleeve.

Here is another look

at her bonnet.

Check this hat

out on the

milliner's site.



Another day dress

with sleeve embellishment.


Man without fault

dinner dress.

One and two

tries at the back.
Check out the


Look at all the

fabric in the

train (and see

the shoe rose!)


Dinner at Pemberly dress. The back,

the closure (?),

the sleeve,

a long view and

oops a chemise.

(She also plays

cards in it at



Jane take ill dress.

Party at Lucas

Lodge gown.

The sleeve and

the headdress.

Isn't the gold

lace beautiful?


Meryton dance dress. The bodice, the back closure. See the

terrific amount of gathers in the

back? Her sleeve,

shoe and headdress.

Here  is the cape

and cape lining.

Netherfield ball

gown. Here is the sleeve, the skirt embellishment

and the headdress.


Let's look at her

green pelisse. Here

is the back. She

wears it in the

carriage to leave Netherfield and

again at the


Green stripey thing.

Here is the back

and a side view.

She actually

wears it to

the wedding.

Yet another dress

with puffy sleeves

(and tassels) and

same bodice

cut as

other gowns.

Mrs. Hurst


Blue brocade day

dress. The skirt is

plain.  She wears

it with a cap

and fichu.

Meryton dance

dress with "the lace". Here is the back,

the turban and a

long view.

One more look.


Gold (?) formal

cape with fur trim.

Red day dress with

white lace

over jacket.

I think this is all

we see of this

evening gown.

Here is the


Jane takes ill day

dress. Two tone

sleeve. You can

see the top of

the sleeve

and the back


Green evening gown. Here is a look at

the sleeve. One

and two looks at

the turban. One

and two long looks.


Netherfield ball

gown. One and

two more looks.

Pelisse with three

rows of buttons.


Dinner at Pemberly dress. Here is a

long view and

another look.


Another Pemberly

gown with lovely

gold trim. See the




Yikes! I misplaced my notes for all the characters below.

I took too long a break from this project. Let me know if I missed and major outfits.


Under construction...

One character, one dress at a time...  

I also appeared to have lost all my Kitty screen shots.  




Wedding gown.

Here is the bodice.

Good look at the hat and the sleeve.

Pretty trim.


Still working

on this one.



Sort of tan dress.

Here is the sleeve.

Long view one

and two.

Mary's yucky colored green dress. The

back one and two.

The sleeve. 

Mary's flower print. Here is the bodice. The back one and two.  The skirt seems to be plain. Peek at the sleeve. 

Jumper!* Note the sleeve and bodice

detail. The back one

and two. A side view. 

Formal dress. Here is

the back. The

sleeve and the skirt.


When I was little I had a dress like this that my mom called my "jumper".


Mrs. Bennet

Lady Catherine, Anne, and Georgiana



A few of the candid shots are from the Austenblog and scanned out of The Making of Pride and Prejudice by Sue Birtwisle and Susie Conklin.

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