Pride and Prejudice (2005) Movie Gowns
Where it is about the gowns and not the Gals!

I just love the movie adaptations of Jane Austen's work.
Here is my tribute to the beautiful and sometimes realistic gowns and accessories of one those adaptations.
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Brown day Dress.

The back can be seen here. The waistband or belt

is unusual. Another view.

There a front snap closure.



 Velvety dinner dress. Front closure (the back has no opening). She wears it when Mr. Collins has his

 first dinner with them.

I wish I could see this

robe better.  The stitch work has a great deal

of detail. The back is terrific. Looks like one

frog closure.


The brown pinafore is one of my

favorite. The above publicity shot

shows it off the best. The closure is diagonal (look for the small

button at the waist band).  Here is

a long shot. I do not remember this publicity shot in

the movie.

This Lizzie rarely covers

up from the sun.  You can see hat again. It is later soaked

when Darcy proposes in

the rain.

Striped Pemberly dress. The lines

match up beautifully in back. There

is a side closure and knuckle length sleeves. Another look at the back.


Lovely embroidered shawl.

Here is a publicity shot

and another.

When I have time I will try

to come up with one of

these day dresses for me. 

It also has a diagonal

closure. She wears it

with a vest in one scene.

The band on the sleeve is

a nice touch. The back

is plain. This is a good

publicity shot. 


Lizzie's day shoes seem to be just plain calf

length boots.

Okay I thought this was a grey

striped dress but it is

apparently green (don't forget

to look at the closure in that

pic). The sleeves are plain.

The back has a little bow. 

The costume designers

appear to have worked

with period foundation garments. Aren't

Lizzie's pantaloons

from a later era?

The evening dress from the first

ball has front tie closure The trim

appears to be crochet lace. This

publicity series shows a

bluish tie that you really

can't see in the movie.


Lizzie seems to have two

coats. This light brown

with a small collar

and simple closure.


This publicity shot and this one show the ball gown in

the best light. See the shoes in the second

publicity shot? Or in this interview? The sleeve is

very simple. See the embroidery on the band? OH!

Here is one more publicity shot.*


*Hmm...on second thought, I think that the publicity shots were

taken with a muslin and not the finished gown. Notice the

lack of trim on the band compared to the movie version?

The simple, tiny beading is beautiful.


And the coat from the

second proposal. It is

darker than the one to

the left. The lapel is

also larger. The back

is plain with tails.




When I heard Keira Knightley was to be Lizzie, I wondered who possibly could play the older,

prettier sister. Well, Rosamund was an excellent choice.

Jane's blue overdress.

It closes with two

tiny buttons.

Here is the back. See

the stitching?

Jane's Netherfield muslin ball

 gown. Notice the front tie closure?

And the sleeve? The blue bow

and lack of back closure

are here. The hair is easy to see in this publicity shot.

Jane's housecoat.

Another view here.

It reminds me of

this housecoat.

I think the above day dress is the

same as this under dress.

The band is beautiful. I don't

see a back closure.

Isn't the embroidery pretty

on Jane's blue coat?

This has some wonderful

stitching  in gussets.

And eyelets.  I made

a couple of these

and hired someone to

make a third.

I appreciate every stitch.

The pink gown. I guess

this is a wrap dress. There

is no closure at the back.

The sleeve looks like

the same pattern as

the white

Netherfield gown.

Dinner gown with Mr. Collins.

Note the stitching. I

think it is the same under

gown when Lydia returns.

This is the best look at Jane's robe that I can

get. Here are the


The grey overdress appears

when Lydia comes home.

And again in the scene above

when Bingley returns. She

takes the overdress off.

She adds a bit

of ribbon and ...

...then Jane has a pretty

white proposal dress.

see the back, stitching

and bow? I think it is the

same pattern as this dress.

 I love the versatility!


I like this hat (and here again)

better than this one.

The second hat reminds

me of this.


Caroline Bingley

We see little of this character.

Meryton Ball gown.

There is a very

simple back.

Green day dress. The

production shots show

a long view.

This appears to be the only hat.

Red day dress. The back has no

closure and a ton of pleats. It

closes in front. Here are

the sleeves.

Netherfield ball gown,

or is it a slip? There is a

little tail at the back.

I think that is all Caroline had

in this one...


This is the sweetest, most compassionate portrayal of Mary that I have seen.


Green day dress with round neckline and puff sleeves.

The back is similar to

the dresses above.

(I originally thought it was

 the same as the

brown dress.)


Brown day dress with a

"v" neck and plain sleeves.

Again, the same kind of



Mary's apron.

Hardly a scene passes without this apron.


Mary's ball gown.

With a gold bow.


Black hat.

The dark grey (I think)

Meryton dance.

It has 3/4 sleeves.


and some black gloves.

I am sorry I can't see

this collar better. I think it

just dresses up the green

or brown dress.

She also wears a bandanna

to dress up a day dress.

  Just a question; How can Mary be here and playing the piano at the same time?    



Kitty print day dress.

The ruffle around the neck

I think exemplifies many of

Kitty and Lydia's gowns.

With a small ruffle at

the end of the

sleeve and a front

closure. You can

almost see the back.


Sunny yellow day dress.

Here is the bodice.

Here is the long view.


I think this is a knit bag.


Green over coat. I think it

is the same as this one.

Here is the back.


Pretty pink dress with

a front closure.


A pin apron!





Meryton dance dress.

She jumps about too

much for a good look.

I can't get a good look at

Kitty and Lydia's

  Netherfield ball gown.

I shall try again later.





Lydia's hat pin can

be easily seen.

Lydia's post marriage dress.

 I like the piping detail.

Here is the hat and

side view.

Again corsets with

 lovely stitching.

And chemises.

Yellow over coat. The

back has little tails.

Print day dress.

I can't get a good look at

Kitty and Lydia's

  Netherfield ball gown.

I shall try again later.


Dotted Meryton dance

dress.  Here is the back.



It is a shame you don't

 see this green print

day dress more.

There is a little

gathering on bodice.  


Mrs. Bennet


Lavender visiting dress.

See the sleeve,

front closure

and lace?


Embroidered vest.

Too bad it is difficult

to see.


Good hat.


Blue print day dress.

Front closure and a

little gold trim. Here are

the day shoes.


The red day dress.

You can see the hat

and detail in the white

wrap here. The back.


Lavender wrap.



Netherfield ball gown.

Shoes, headpiece.

One more look.

Meryton dance dress.

Look again



Hooded cape.

Netherfield ball gown.

 The back here and here.

Meryton dance



Rosings dinner dress.

The feather in her hair got

the audience to laugh as

it waved back and forth.



Day dress.

I think is is the same

pattern as this one.



Lady Catherine, Anne, Georgiana and Betsy



(NO hyperlink)

Eggplant dining dress.

Here again and here.


Anne dining dress.


I don't think this dress was

tailored to fit her. Looks awfully



 I think Betsy is carrying

shoes for Lizzie or Jane.


A few of the candid shots are from Keira Knightey Web and the Austenblog.

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