Sense and Sensibility (1995) Movie Gowns
Where it is about the gowns and not the Gals!

I just love the movie adaptations of Jane Austen's work.
Here is my tribute to the beautiful and sometimes realistic gowns and accessories of one those adaptations.
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Marianne Dashwood


I cannot tell what color this is.

Here is the back. Long view

here. It appears to close

with buttons.

I wish I could get a better look at this evening gown.

Marianne's blue pelisse is

like Elinor's brown one.

Side view. Back.

I want to try to replicate this dress. Here is the back.

Side view here.  

I like the darker under

dress on this one. Long view

here.  Notice the front

opening and the side closure.

Not sure what good this

sleeveless jacket is. 


is the back.

Marianne's Lunardi

hat looks wonderful

on her! I found some like it here.

This open pelisse is really interesting. Click here for the

hat and here for back. Here

with Willoughby.  More views

from Costume display in

Bath here . Close up here.

The back of the pj is unique. Long view here.  Very romantic pj's!

What a neat riding cape.  See the back?

The infamous shoe

Willoughby takes off!!!




Let's look a this dress closer.

Long view here.  Check out

how long the train is!!

OH! My cousin just sent me

this. Now wipe

the drool off the screen.



Beautiful gown. Sleeve

detail can be seen here.

It is such a pretty dress

here is another look.

And here.




Elinor Dashwood


Elinor's brown pelisse. Check

out the closure Here is

the collar detail.




Elinor's pjs are much more

practical than Marianne's.


This shot is what Ang Lee

is good at. Here and

here are  publicity

shots. Back of the dress

and a long view. Notice

the tie at the

neckline and the tie

at the back?

Very pretty classically inspired gown. Must be a front opening gown. No closures can

be seen on the back

Edward's hankie. 

Does his heart

really belong to


Another classical gown.

Here is a longer view.

Side view of the hat here. Later

she wears it to the

wedding all dolled up.

Elinor's open pelisse looks like it is the same pattern as Marianne's. Here is a close up from costume display in Bath.

Printed day dress. I only

remember seeing

 this dress once.

Does the skirt pin on?


It is a shame you only see

this riding outfit once.


I am not surprised Elinor's

wedding gown is simple

compared to Marianne's.


I like the blue and white wrap.



Nice white day dress.

Alternate view here and l

ong view. A black

ribbon was added for

mourning. Here is the back

of the gown (no ties).

There appears to be a

tie in the neckline.



Blue and white checked

day dress.  Here is the

back long and up close.

Notice the tie?


Brown gloves.


Regency flats.



Fanny Dashwood

Fanny is the only one who

seems to observe mourning.

I think this is the same dress.


I do not like this character

so I do not mind catching

her with a silly look.


This light colored Spencer has

lovely collar trim. Here is the turban.

Fanny's dress for the wedding. Here is the turban.

Ick! What a yucky

green day dress.

Now this a a nice

evening gown.

Mrs. Dashwood

This is a very pretty lace cap.

Widow's attire.

More widow's attire.

I think she is wearing a cape over a pelisse.

This brown dress

looks comfortable.

See it again here and here.

Here is an alternate view

of this evening dress.



I think this one is

dark purple.


This Lundari hat is huge!

Here is a long view

of the pelisse.  



Mrs. Jennings


Here is an alternate view and

an long view of this day dress. 

I love the necklace on

this one. Look closer

at the sleeve.

It is a shame you only see this

cloak once.

Here is an alternate view

of this green evening gown.

This brown plaid pelisse looks warm. Here is

the same hat.

This is the best shot

of the big pink hat I can get.






Look closer at the sleeve

from this evening dress.

Flower detail

and tiara.



Here are her shoes.





Charlotte Palmer



This dress is a little

too foofy for

my taste.

I only remember seeing

this one once.

A long view of the day

dress can be seen here.  


Lucy Steele


Nice, simple day dress.

Lavender evening gown.

Close up of silly

feather here.

Very trendy Spencer and hat.

See the back here.

See the side of the hat here.

A long view of the outfit with umbrella here.

This is a very simple evening gown. Very popular at the time.

Shoes. Are they the same

as Marianne's?



Where have we seen this before?

Margaret Dashwood


I think this blue stripe day

dress is different than

the  sword fighting dress.



Cape and Lunardi hat.

Evening dress.

Here is alternate view.

White day dress. Here is a

long view that shows

her boots.

Plain blue day dress.

Here is the back.

I could not get a good picture

of the red boots.






This dress caught my eye the first time

I saw the movie.


Ah, Miss Grey. I wish

I could see this dress better.  




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